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Dastan Ghummi Kababi Ki

Ghummi kebabi ko kaun nahin jaanta? Sara sheher jaanta hai!”People flock to Ghummi to eat his mouth-watering kebabs and savor his equally flavorful Urdu. Packed with idioms, proverbs and polite curses, Ghummi’s cutting comments are as sharp as his barbecue skewers. When Ashraf sahib hires Ghummi to make kebabs for a group of highly-educated rascals from Aligarh, the stage is set for a conflict packed with finger-licking fun. Adapted from Ashraf Subuhi Dehelvi’s Dilli Ki Chand Ajeeb Hastiyan, this dastan creates an intimate portrait of Old Delhi and its language in the 1930s.

Written By : Strong>Dastan Ghummi Kababi Ki

Duration : Dastan Ghummi Kababi Ki

Dastan-e-Gandhi Synopsis

This performance presents the inspiring and inimitable story of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the format of dastangoi, the fabled Urdu storytelling form. The stylised and poetic prose of dastangoi will add an element of creative innovation to narrate the story of Gandhi’s life, from his youth in Gujarat, to his college days in England, to his crucial time in South Africa and finally, his return to his homeland. Filled with excerpts from historical speeches, humorous anecdotes and much Urdu poetry, this dastan will once again bring alive Mahatma Gandhi and the Independence Movement for a contemporary audience.

Written By : Strong>Dastan-e-Gandhi Synopsis

Duration : Dastan-e-Gandhi Synopsis


This is a rendition of the Mahabharat in Dastangoi format. Using poetry from various Urdu versions of the epic, and alternating this poetry with narration of the great battle, this dastan is a delightful way to experience the intensity of this timeless tale.

Written By : Strong>Dastan-e-Mahabharat

Duration : Dastan-e-Mahabharat

Chacha Chhakkan Ne Tasveer Taangi

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing” says the proverb. Armed with little knowledge of picture-hanging, Chacha Chhakkan sets out to complete the epic task of pinning a picture to a wall, all on his own. His heroic deeds include climbing the rungs of a ladder, commandeering two flunkies and, yes, wielding a hammer! His DIY enthusiasm results in a sketch full of frivolous comedy.

Written By : Strong>Chacha Chhakkan Ne Tasveer Taangi

Duration : Chacha Chhakkan Ne Tasveer Taangi

Dastan Nanni ki Naani

 Nanni ki Naani survives her destitution using a combination of courtesy, cunning and grit. She wears a namesake burqa; artfully takes multiple shares when food is distributed to the poor; wages war on the neighborhood monkeys; and quietly sings praises to her dearest companion: her favorite pillow. A tragi-comic sketch full of dark humour, Nanni ki Naani is one of Ismat Chughtai's most moving pieces of writing.

Written By : Strong>Dastan Nanni ki Naani

Duration : Dastan Nanni ki Naani