Fouzia has been performing professionally since 2006. Having performed over 200 shows all over India and in UAE, she has focused her efforts to touch upon and bring out women-centric issues through her performances, while also covering diverse range of other issues.

Fouzia Dastango

Fouzia Dastango, as her name suggests, is an artist of the 16th century oral storytelling art, Dastangoi. She developed a deep interest in the field of arts and theatre since her early school days. She continued learning and participating in her school plays, but couldn’t pursue the art full time. Later, she got trained as an educator and worked several years, developing educational curriculum and supporting herself and the family. However, it took one performance in 2006 when she visited Dayal Singh College to watch a Dastangoi performance and she fell in love with this art form. She has dedicated, since, to learning and practicing this art form and quit her permanent job as a Lecturer at the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) to pursue her passion of being a Dastango (story-teller) full time. In this process, she has also become India’s first female Dastango


Dr Rakhshanda Jalil Writer, Translator, Literary Historian
Fauzia’s is brave young voice that has stormed the centuries-old male bastion of Dastangoi. Being a woman and an instinctive communicator she creates glittering, vibrant bridges across cultures, languages and literary traditions . I have watched her growth as a performer over the past several years and noted the scope and variety of her concerns. I have also noted the passion and dedication she brings to each and every performance— be it in someone’s living room or in a large auditorium. Nothing is too small or too big for Fauzia and that, I believe, is the hallmark of a true artist.

Dr. Radhika Chopra Ghazal Singer & Composer
Every time a woman steps into a male dominated sphere, she faces challenges and has to prove her potential and capabilities. When she enters with an elan and carves a niche for herself, she becomes exemplary and inspirational. Fauzia Dastango is one such woman, who has proved to the world that with hard work, dedication and focus, anything is possible. Today, she is amongst the finest Dastangos of our country and carrying forward this tradional genre with finess and confidence. She is an inspiration to many aspiring women , who want to step into this field. Today Fauzia Dastango is a name to reckon with. I am extremely proud of her achievements and honoured to have shared stage with her a few times. I look forward to many more collaborative projects. I wish her all the success, fulfilment and happiness for her future endeavours. Fauzia Dastango, sky is the limit...

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Environment, Health & Safety

Delighted to share this episode of #ArtistatWork series by the Hindustan Times, featuring my work features as the female Dastango. The episode also features how I, along with writer and director, Danish Iqbal extensively working to revive this ancient Urdu art form.

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29, Mar


Cultural Event

My warmest greetings and best wishes to each of my fellow artists as also to all theatre people across the world on WORLD THEATRE DAY ! Each artist contributes in his own unique manner and I feel this is to be celebrated !

Also super excited to introduce Saneya, the new woman dastango on the horizon. Although a lecturer of English language at University of Delhi, her strong background in Urdu and Persian has brought her to the realm of performing arts.. my best wishes to you Saneya

17, Mar


Dastaan Ghummi Kebabi ki

Come and join Fouzia Dastango and Fazal Rashid , at the prestigious House of Kotwara in celebrating handcrafted luxury and the artisans who make them, at Maashra, Gwalpahari on 16-17th March with Teh, Jahan-e-Khusrau's first craft mela by the renowned Indian filmmaker, fashion designer, poet, artist, revivalist, and social worker Muzaffar Ali
Book your tickets soon. You won't regret being there

08, Mar


International Women Day

Join Fouzia Dastangoi and Saneya in celebrating International Women's Day, on 8th March, 2019, 11am at the BR Ambedkar Convention Centre, IGNOU. 
They will present dramatized redding of Krishna Sobti's novel- Aa Ladki, followed by some discussion and celebration on power of women. Be there!!

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